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August 21, 2008

Movie Review: Mirrors

There is not a lot to say about this movie other then GO SEE IT!
Storyline : well written and interesting.
Acting : Well done, not overacting, no under acting, even the kids did very well
Effects : some of the best done effects i have seen in a long time, they are not the best ever mind you but they were so well done that you were sucked into them and jumped all the time.

Roommate and I saw this movie and both give it 4and half zombies out of 5.

August 14, 2008


i am not able to review this movie as it sucked out my brain, stomped it on the floor and peed on it. then for an added bonus ate it, pooped it out , and ate again.

Friends don't let friends watch this movie.

August 13, 2008


Tonight Roommate and I decided to partake of some zombie movies, the dread pirate suutar downloaded a few and we thought we would try them out. the best we saw tonight was:


This Movie has everything that you could look for in a Troma Film, Troma you may note has brought you such great Films as the Toxic Avenger , and Poultrygeist. This 1986 movie has all the big hair you could ever want, and if you are looking for gay rednecks that want to be called Ellie May, you are in for a treat.
The movie starts as any great movie should; campers are hiking in the woods, rednecks are making moonshine, and an army pot smoker is running wild with a barrel of toxic waste. the barrel gets lose from the jeep and the rednecks get a hold of it. they think " wow, what a great way to make moonshine". everyone in the town that drinks the moonshine turns into a zombie, even the redneck baby. The campers start getting picked off one by one as you would expect in any good zombie movie. At one point the remaining campers hide out in a cave. I was not sure what they were going to do once they were in the cave, but soon i was not disappointed. During the time in the cave, the pre-vet student was forced to give a autopsy while he was on an acid trip. when you find a shoe in someone's stomach that is time to stop and take a break.
The one thing that i did not enjoy in the movie was the ear-stabbing soundtrack that sampled from nails on a caulk board.

I know, I know how can a movie have Rednecks and zombies and you have never heard of it. this movie has been lost in the vault of troma and I for one am going to start my campaign to get this seen.

this movie is great and with a remake and some better acting and scripting could be a great movie. as it stands is it a great troma film and a great B movie

I give this one 4 out of 5 B movie zombies.

October 28, 2007

Book Review : The Rising

This is a well written book about zombies and fighting your demons.

The dead are getting up and walking, as it happens in every single zombie movie but this time it is different.
Jim met the woman of his dreams after a nasty divorce and his ex took his son away to NJ. He has now been in a bunker for weeks and his new wife is stalking him from above ground and he is deciding if that bullet should go into his head.
Frankie a drug aditict wondering where her next fix is hides in a bathroom, wondering if her dealers will find her before the zobies do.
There are many other peopleyou follow in this story also but i dont want to give it away.
the story takes you into the fight , you feel your heart race as you are throw into fight after fight. The people are believable as surviors, they could be you or your neighbor.
this puts a real fear in you of the dead and the rising.

July 11, 2007

Movie Review : The Tooth Fairy

Disney meets Gore.

Rating: 3 zombies out of 5

Starting a Bed and Breakfast is never easy, then you have to pick the house that a crazy tooth stealing killer lived in. Add one little girl that lost her last baby tooth, and you have a killer waking from the dead. Also no horror movie is complete without two country retards, chuck and his brother, whom feel the person that bought the house did them a great injustice by kicking them out of the house they were squatting in.
So the death was very well done i think, even tho the acting was not good. it has been a long time since i saw a man die by woodchipper, and nailing a chick on the wall with a nailgun then chopping their arms and legs off. also my fav and the one we watched a few times was chuck getting his penis cut off, the qoute that made us rewind is " what's your dick doing over there, chuck ? " this caused laughter from me and julie that produced tears.
I say this movie is like disney mets Gore because the little girl in the movie that loses her tooth makes freinds with a little girl ghost and together they learn how to defeat the monster. when a group of ghost kids stand around and tell each other they can do it, and use there combined power to move a candle to make the grown-ups believe in them, you have to ask where the campfire is and the marshmallows.
all that was missing was the sing-along. " we girls can do anything! right barbie ?"
So if you want to see penis even if it is not attached to the person still then i say go rent this movie. but dont forget your crackers for the cheese.

Movie Review : in a dark place

well as many of you know and if you dont you should know, I LOVE HORROR movies!!!!!!!

so i am starting some reviews for my readers. i will however place everything behind a cut with pictures cause they can get gross.

In a Dark Place

Tagline : There is nowhere to hide in your mind...
Rating : 2 zombies out of 5

It starts off with an art teacher ,Anna, who uses art therapy to work with her students. she wears stuff that is super revealing for a teacher. she gets hit on by the principal in the first ten mins, then fired by the same guy. he then suggests a good job for her, as a nanny to two children.
she moves to the estate with the person that runs the household, a woman named ms, grose. Anna then starts to see things, and then finds out more about the untimely demise of the previous nanny, who was found floating in the lake.
Then ms grose you find out was in love with the previous nanny, then her and anna get it on. boobs are everywhere in the movie.
the kids are talking to people that are not there, then suddenly you are lost, who is evil you dont know anymore. At the end of the movie you are asking yourself WTF? what movie did i just watch cause i dont think the same movie just ended that i started to watch.
so i am telling you if my explanation did not make sense well neither did the movie.